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Welcome to Basingstoke and Deane Homebid. This is the website which enables you to look for social housing in Basingstoke and Deane.

Please note that properties are advertised on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. There are no adverts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

We are currently receiving substantially higher volumes of housing applications than normal.  We assess applicants' housing need for admission to the Housing Register as quickly as practicable.  At present, housing needs assessments are taking about 4 weeks.  Please refrain from chasing - the council is receiving much greater volumes of calls and emails than prior to the pandemic.

If you have forgotten your Homebid reference number, or would like help to place a bid please call on 01256 844844.

Advice and information on the housing register, including answers to frequently asked questions, can be found on our website.

If you wish to update your details, you can do so by logging in to your account and selecting the My Social Housing tab.

COVID-19 Update     

Homebid is now active.

To ensure the safety of staff and residents, parts of the lettings process may now be carried out remotely. If you are offered a property by a housing association, they will be able to discuss their specific process with you. For examples of some of the changes please visit

Please read the marketing text for the property before you place your bid. This will give you more information about the property, including the amount of rent in advance required before sign up.

Accepting an offer of accommodation.

If you accept an offer of accommodation through the housing register, your application will be marked as housed and will be closed. if you wish to re-join the register in future, you will need to make a new application. This application will be assessed on your circumstances at that time.


Data protection law changed on 25 May 2018.  For information on the changes please see our GDPR page or privacy policy

Important information for customers bidding for properties on Homebid

When you look at the list of properties available on Homebid each week you will now be seeing the terms AFFORDABLE RENT and FIXED TERM TENANCIES on some of the adverts.  Before you bid on a property you should be fully aware of what these terms mean.  AFFORDABLE RENT means that the rent might be up to 80% of the market rent – it will be more expensive than a social rent.  FIXED TERM TENANCIES are usually 5 year tenancies that are reviewed in the last year and either renewed or not – this means that they are not tenancies for life. 

If you require more information about the tenancy type or rent level before making a bid, please contact the Housing Association advertising the property (click here for a list of Housing Associations).

If you are successful in bidding on a property, please be aware that many Housing Associations will ask for rent in advance.

The table below shows information regarding recently accepted offers as a result of bidding through Basingstoke Homebid.  The number of bids placed on a property, can give an indication of how popular that particular size and type of property/area is.  There is also a column showing the number of months the successful applicant spent on the Housing Register. 

Recent Offers Accepted as at 21/09/2020

Band Number of Bedrooms Property Type Floor Area Date Offer Accepted Application date Number of months on the Register Number of Bids placed on property
Band 2 1 Bed Sheltered housing   Town 17/08/2020 29/07/2019 12 15
Band 2 1 Bed Flat 1st Floor Town 01/06/2020 01/07/2016 47 99
Band 2 2 Bed Flat 1st Floor South Ham 22/06/2020 04/09/2019 9 10
Band 2 1 Bed Flat Ground Floor (Ground Floor Priority Given) Buckskin 18/06/2020 14/10/2019 8 155
Band 2 2 Bed Flat Ground Floor (Ground Floor Priority Given) Popley 02/06/2020 24/01/2019 16 7
Band 1 1 Bed Bungalow (Ground Floor Priority Given) Oakley 08/06/2020 21/03/2019 14 17
Band 2 Studio Studio Second Floor South Ham 01/06/2020 24/11/2017 30 73
Band 2 2 Bed House   Chineham 12/06/2020 12/09/2018 21 18
Band 2 3 Bed House   Oakridge 05/06/2020 31/07/2018 22 33
Band 2 4 Bed House   South Ham 11/06/2020 22/03/2011 110 94



VIVID Housing Association currently have garages available to rent in the following areas:

South View (Norden Close) £100.79 per month  - Close to town and Train Station

Oakridge Norn Hill (Millard Close) £41.25 for tenants or £49.48 Per month for non tenants or if they have a 2nd Garage

Oakridge (Gregory Close) £41.25 for tenants or £49.48 Per month for non tenants or if they have a 2nd Garage

And Popley (Malta Close) £41.25 for tenants or £49.48 Per month for non tenants or if they have a 2nd Garage

For further information and to make an application go to

Housing Options On-line

As from the 1 October, 2014, if you need information about your housing options or support services please visit Housing Options On-line is an easy to use on-line tool which gives you detailed information about housing options and support services that you are eligible for.   

Click here to read the Annual Review of the Scheme of Allocations 2017-2018. 

Use the step by step guide. Click here  to open the guide.

Alternatively, contact our Housing Team. Click How to Contact Us for contact details and opening hours.

Home - new houses

Basingstoke and Deane Homebid is a 'choice based lettings scheme' which is run by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council in partnership with our local Registered Social Landlords, or Housing Associations. To use the scheme you will have to have applied and been accepted onto the Housing Register (if you are already on the Housing Register you do not need to register again. If you are not sure please contact us).You must then tell us which properties you are interested in. This process is known as bidding.

Our website is packed with useful information to help you find you a suitable home. You can use this website to:

If you are an existing social housing tenant you can do a mutual exchange through the Homeswapper service.

At the moment Basingstoke and Deane Homebid is set up for social housing only. If you are looking for shared ownership please look at the Help to Buy South website. If you are interested in private rented properties you should contact a local lettings agent.

Some information on this site is in PDF format (Portable Document Format) To view these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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