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Prioritising Applications

Housing and transfer applications will be assessed and placed in one of the 3 bands below.

Within each band, applications will be placed in date order, with the application with the oldest date having the highest priority. The date used is the date that your application was registered.

Band 1 Applicants with reasonable preference (in housing need as defined below) with additional preference in recognition of an urgent need to move.

Band 2 Applicants with reasonable preference (in housing need as defined below.)

Band 3 Applicants with reasonable preference but with reduced priority.

There are 10 categories of housing need.

If your situation falls within one of these categories, your application will be placed in Band 2, unless you have additional or reduced priority.

  • No fixed abode/no legal right to occupy
  • Homeless within 56 days
  • Accepted Homeless
  • Overcrowding
  • Sharing Facilities
  • Armed forces personnel not in urgent housing need and who are eligible to join the housing register
  • Welfare/social grounds
  • Medical/Disability grounds
  • Mental Health/Disability grounds
  • Unsuitable accommodation

Time Limited Bands

If your application is placed in Band 1, the time limit you can remain in this band is three months. At the end of three months your application will be reassessed and placed back into its original band. You will be expected to actively bid during the three months and it may be necessary in some circumstances to direct match you to a property. You will receive one offer of suitable housing only whilst in Band 1. Applicants with reasonable preference but with reduced priority will be placed in Band 3 for 12 months or until the reason for their demotion has been resolved. Applicants may be placed in Band 3 for the following reasons: 

• Unacceptable behaviour

• Deliberate worsening of circumstances

• Refusal of 3 suitable offers of accommodation

• Placement in supported housing

If there is a change of circumstances within your housing situation or you move to a new address, you must inform us straight away. You can do this by logging on to your account by following this link